Thinking Positive ~

Jul 10, 2019 | Enviro-Consciousness, Localization

It was tumultuous to have to leave Sri Lanka right after the bombings in April. It is a country I have grown to love and appreciate for the warmth and hospitality of the people; the temples and spirituality; the biodiversity and incredible landscapes; the thousands of years of plant medicine knowledge; the most intricately spiced and delicious vegetarian food on the planet; amongst other things.

This campaign is an effort to reframe the image that Sri Lanka received after the terrorist bombings. I think it is equally a message to Sri Lankans, as well as the world, to think positive in the spirit of ‘fall down 7 times, but get up 8.’

I agree with everything in this campaign, minus the glorification of the shipping! (Freight ships are notorious for dumping oil just offshore…but that’s another topic.

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