Collectively transcend the ecological crisis or get stuck?

Sep 3, 2019 | Uncategorized

Nations divide, religions divide, but could it be that climate change will actually be the cause that unites humans? Could climate change be a driving force to bring us together instead of apart? Could it be that our shared loss unites us into one global feeling about our connection with the environment? Challenges, when seen with the right lens are not meant to be a stopping points but a point of action-reaction; a means to a new awareness. Are we collectively being called to see our global interconnection, our global interbeing, with new eyes? Ultimately, we belong to each other and are equally a part of this earth. Yet, we limit our humane-ness, our human-ness with small-minded monetary growth and accumulation goals. If wealth accumulation is the collective goal, then it will be our means to the end. But, if we respond in a positive way to the challenges of our times, I think we will transcend into a new paradigm of being, beyond our current divisive, constraining, competitive global monetary growth-driven system.

Do we choose collective divide or collective transcending?

[Cover image ‘Transcending Separation’ can be found in the wonderful repetoir of Aaron Glasson here:

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