The 4 P’s

Nov 16, 2019 | Consumption, Enviro-Consciousness, Plastic, Pollution, Waste

The 3R’s are overused and misunderstood. I think people for the most part forget the first 2 R’s and concentrate on the last one: Recycling. But what is needed is a different mindset on waste. So I came up with the 4 P’s instead of the 3 R’s. What are the 4 P’s? Pause, Protect, Promote & be Proactive.

Pause: What is the material? Do I need it?

Protect: Take care of your personal health; your community; the health of the environment.

Promote: Be a voice for healthy alternatives for you and your community.

Proactive: Set up zero waste or waste minimization programs at your school, home, office. “Start from where you are, work from your field of influence.” Write to companies about the packaging of their products. Seek out of create alternatives.

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