Consumption, EcoJustice, Enviro-Consciousness, Plastic, Pollution, Waste

Innovative Injustice: companies expect citizens and local governments to find ‘resposponsible pathways’ for their packaging waste

How can plastic material be reused, repurposed, or salvaged so it is kept out of the oceans and other ecosystems? Social awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution is growing, and there is a trend for creative, social solutions to the ‘plastic menace.’ Every...

EcoJustice, Enviro-Consciousness, Localization, Pollution

The Gift of Clean Drinking Water: How water is building international friendships and fundamentally changing life for villages in North Central Sri Lanka

Winding along the bumpy backroads through intermittent rice field and jungle, the last village took hours of backroads navigation skills to find.  But then, around the corner, the first line of village welcome: a 50-deep motorcycle squad, the ‘motorcade’ for their...

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